Professional Features

Give your staff smart tools to collaborate and increase your company’s revenue.


Teams from across your organization can work on dozens, if not hundreds, of shows, from publishing to ad sales.

Additional Tools

To lock in campaigns ahead of time, look beyond what’s launching this week and forecast for the entire fiscal year.


Use digital marketing budgets to your advantage. Provide advertisers with the level of targeting and reporting that they’ve come to expect.

Extensive Features

The most versatility with the fewest difficulties comes from simple content management.

  • Producers can spend more time crafting beautiful audio thanks to an intuitive publishing approach.
  • A publishing calendar that keeps the editorial and ad ops teams on the same page.
  • Setup insertion points in a variety of ways to accommodate any episode’s ad template.

At a glance, visualized inventory keeps track of campaigns.

  • Open avails for host-read spots or impression-based sales are accurately displayed in real time.
  • Streamlined ad copy workflow with everything producers need to publish and upload ad creative on one screen.
  • Reconciliation of deliveries and billing export
    Bulk actions that make entering and changing insertion orders a breeze.

Metrics that are best in class for determining who is already listening and attracting new listeners.

  • Data that is IABv2-compliant and provides industry-standard measurement.
  • Insights on audience involvement and listening patterns that can be put to use.
  • By country, region, state, city, and app, you may track downloads and ad delivery.
  • To power your own BI solution, use metrics export services.
  • APIs that integrate with your internal toolset are published.

Your advertiser’s goals are aligned with your listener’s experience when you have granular control over campaign distribution.

  • Targeting based on demographics and intent to buy.
  • The IAB’s content taxonomy is used to create a competitive separation.
  • To combat ad fatigue, there are several frequency capping choices.
  • Sponsorships, as well as run-of-show and run-of-network campaigns, are all balanced through flexible priority tiers.
  • Hundreds of campaign goals are balanced against spikes and lulls in available inventory using pacing settings.

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