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At Studeo LLC we value community. We created these guidelines to help us foster and protect the community we have worked so hard to build and grow since 2015. By using the Platform, you agree to follow these guidelines, our Master Services Agreement, governance documents and any schedules/order forms (if applicable). These guidelines include important information about our expectations of you while using the Platform. These guidelines pertain to podcast, show pages, art and episode descriptions. Please take the time to carefully read through our guidelines. Violations of these guidelines may lead to removal of your podcast, content and/or your Platform account(s).

1. Principles

Studeo is an open Platform. Our community is representative of all backgrounds and beliefs. We ask you to respect everyone on the Platform.

Respect on Studeo’s Platform means adhering to the following basic principles:

Anti-Bullying and Harassment
You will not submit to the Platform abusive or threatening content. We consider abusive or threatening language to be any language that intends to invoke fear of bodily harm or death.

Privacy of Others/Impersonation
Everyone on the Platform has a right to privacy. We welcome the use of professional identities, social media handles or stage names on the Platform. However, you are not permitted to create user profiles or post content that intends to make people think you are someone else. And you are not permitted to use someone’s name, likeness, trademark, voice, etc. without their permission. And you are not permitted to post recordings of conversations without the knowledge and consent of everyone on the recording.

Privacy of Others/Data Sharing Restrictions
Except as expressly permitted in writing by Studeo, Publishers who use measurement partners will ensure that each of their measurement partners only use data received from Studeo for the purpose of providing the Publisher measurement and attribution reporting. Publishers will ensure measurement partners do not sell or enable the sale of any data received from Studeo. If a Publisher would like to transition to partnerships with Studeo-approved measurement partners, please contact us. The terms “sell” and “service provider” used in this paragraph shall have the meaning set forth in the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Let’s keep Studeo spam-free. To support this effort, we have policies in place to prohibit spam activity.

The following activities are not permitted: 

  • Posting unsolicited mass messages or promotional comments
  • Creating multiple accounts with the intention of inflating popularity of other profiles  
  • The creation, use, or promotion of:
    – Bots or other automated means to perform social interactions
    – Services that claim to boost a profile’s popularity such as listeners, likes, reposts;
    – Services that sell social interactions or other forms of promotion on Studeo.

2. Content Guidelines


Upload only content you created:

  • You must own or hold all necessary licenses (copyrights, etc.) to all content you post.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary licenses from all copyright holders in order to post the content to Studeo’s Platforms.

You cannot upload certain types of content:

  • No third party copyrighted material.
  • No sexually explicit material or pornographic content. 
  • No podcasts that contain hate, discriminatory or defamatory speech, harass others, or violate another person’s privacy. 
  • No podcasts verbally describing or promoting violence, self-harm or cruelty towards animals.


Violations of any of our Master Services Agreement, Governance Documents and/or Schedules (if applicable) may lead to the removal of your podcast(s) or disabling of your account.

Reporting Abuse and Guidelines

If you encounter any content that breeches these guidelines, please tell us about it.

We will review all reports objectively and remove any content that violates these guidelines.

Help us continue to make Studeo an amazing space.

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